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Melissa Sanders, Australia

After Silom Dental’s professional treatments I can honestly say that my smile is whiter, more aligned and beautiful. In Australia the prices would be very high compared to Silom Dental where the treatments are all very reasonable and affordable with the quality not lacking that of Australia’s! I would recommend this clinic to anybody who would prefer cheaper but professional treatments.

John Tyler, UK

I flew to Bangkok with the hope of getting my 12 crowns done as i found my foreigner friends in Thailand all pointing to Silom Dental Building. So that’s when I decided to give it a shot and that may have been the best decision I have made so far. I had always been harshly distinguished by my ugly teeth which lowered my self- esteem but after the treatments, I am more than overwhelmed with the new face that the doctors have given me in such a short period of time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Sarah Brightman, UK

Dr. Parp and her team are amazing! I am usually very scared of needles and the stereo- typical talks of dentists made that worse but Dr. Parp worked very gently and before I knew it, my wisdom tooth was out! Now that she’s lowered my fear of needles I would surely come back again if I need to remove any more of my teeth.

Kiera O’Donald, USA

I am very glad to have picked Silom Dental as everyone in the building are all so nice and sociable. The doctors are very informative and addressed all of my concerns and questions with care. I would definitely recommend Silom Dental to anyone!

Bill Davis, USA

For my dental treatment I was put with Dr. Mam and she couldn’t have been any nicer. She was very approachable and kind and made the whole process very comfortable. To add to that, she answered all my questions and explained everything in detail which was very helpful. To be honest, I was scared that I was going to be pressured into any unnecessary procedures but none of that or anything bad happened. That made me trust her and the clinic a lot.

Chris Lee, USA

Silom dental building is by far the best dental clinic I have been to yet. The staff are all very sociable and the procedures professional. I have to say I particularly loved the front and back garden there; the front garden caught my eye from far away on my first visit and the back garden is filled with beautiful flowers that you would rarely find blooming anywhere else in Bangkok.

Bruce Adams, Sweden

I had originally gone to another clinic in Thailand but received disappointing results and so decided to come to Silom Dental instead. The customer service and price was much better. I had my teeth fixed in no time and will be coming back to get my teeth whitened in a week.

Scott Mulberry, Australia

I brought my 2 children to Silom Dental on our 1 month vacation and after the whitening treatments they were both very happy and continuously flashed smiles all week. Next week they are going to come back to take an X-ray for their invisaligns. They are both very excited and as a father, nothing makes me happier.

Mary Burlins, Florida

Silom dental is AMAZING! I probably had the worst teeth ever as I needed a full month treatment and had to have crowns replaced, teeth removed, implants put in and whitened. My friends all look at me like I’m a different person now and I have to thank Silom Dental very much for giving me that gift .

Brian Hudson, Texas

Last year, my teeth were pointy and crooked with some sticking out… I was very self- conscious about them and finally couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to search the internet for a reasonable- priced dental clinic. I found Silom Dental, booked an appointment and flew to Bangkok 2 weeks after. I emailed and asked many questions on the time it would take and the costs. The emails were replied in a very short time span of about a day or two which made a very good impression. After a month under the care of Silom Dental, my smile is now beautifully sculpted and flashy. My friends are all coming in in 3 months after seeing my new teeth.

John Travers, Greece

I am a businessman and therefore my looks play an important role in my work life. I had to get implants and many other things done to my teeth. I was on a vacation in Thailand anyways and so decided to check some of the clinics out. I went to about 5 clinics which my friends recommended and none of them seemed to catch my attention. That was until I went to survey Silom Dental. The clinic had the best service by far and the procedures explained to me were all carefully planned. Since I had horrendous teeth it took quite a long time until the doctors achieved the intended smile. Silom has helped me with my personal life and work life as well so I owe them A LOT!

Christina Brians, Canada

Before Silom Dental, I went to Pannu Dental clinic and had received the WORST treatment ever. My doctor (dr. Pannu) was bipolar and mean and insulted my teeth and my lack of money. I should have walked out weeks ago but didn’t. When I finally did I came to Silom Dental Building and was still consciously scared of being put off again. However, this clinic was a total contrast to Pannu dental clinic and with my saved up money I paid for everything with pleasure. My doctor, Dr Kade, was much more friendly and cooperative and guided me through from day 1 till the end. I am happy I walked out and came to Silom Dental instead.

Wilf Conald

I went to Silom dental last week as a first visit to just have a consultation, to see if I'd feel comfortable with Invisaligns and if I could afford it. His staff was friendly and he was professional and amiable. You can entertain yourself with magazines and the movie playing on the flat screen in the waiting room. My specialist, Dr. Parp, was very nice and explained to me about invisaligns. She said I would have to take an X-ray, take an accurate sculpture of my teeth using soft but dense material referred to as gummy and wait for my clincheck to arrive. She was very informative and explained everything simply. When my clincheck arrived weeks later, she took me through the process of explaining the changes per week with the clincheck software which showed a 3D figure of my teeth before, during, and after the treatment. This is definitely the new braces and the understanding that she showed made me confident that I was going to receive the best care she could provide.

Jessica Ferald, Canada

Dr. Kade and everyone are polite, natural and friendly and are all experts in their field and actually care about their patients. After having a cavity filled, Dr. Parp called me personally a few hours later to check on me. Everyone I know hates the dentist, but I don't mind because they are so great at what they do. The moment you enter the office you are greeted by assistants who actually remember you. From the hygienist, to the xray tech to the dentists everyone is wonderful! They are approachable and soothing, and cooperative when figuring out financial things.

John Taylor, USA

I have had the pleasure of being taken care of by Dr. Parp who demonstrates excellent professionalism and care for her patients. Patients continually rant about her high quality dentistry and the attention and care her staff provides. Her communication skills are exceptional. I had never wanted to visit any dentist before picking her, so I know relatively she is one of the best! She is not only an expert in her field and highly educated, but also has high integrity and is very amiable. I highly recommend Dr. Parp for quality dental care.

Maria Lambert, Canada

Dr. Mam is a very caring dentist and I really appreciate the time she has taken to fix my teeth. She has a way to put patients at ease and I feel comfortable in the clinic which is unlike myself.

Maria Lambert, Egypt

I went to silom to get fillings for my teeth and it was a success. I was put with a very professional and honest dentist who made the procedures painless and quick. This is a dental clinic that is specialized in many different ways.

Roger Burrett, South Africa

The service here is wonderful. You don’t have to wait too long before meeting a doctor. They have high level and up-to-date mechanics and tools. I am really glad I came to Silom Dental because they definitely fulfill all my needs.

Melissa Sanders, Australia

After Silom Dental’s professional treatments I can honestly say that my smile is whiter, more aligned and beautiful. In Australia the prices would be very high compared to Silom Dental where the treatments are all very reasonable and affordable with the quality not lacking that of Australia’s! I would recommend this clinic to anybody who would prefer cheaper but professional treatments.

Melissa Sanders, Australia

After Silom Dental’s professional treatments I can honestly say that my smile is whiter, more aligned and beautiful. In Australia the prices would be very high compared to Silom Dental where the treatments are all very reasonable and affordable with the quality not lacking that of Australia’s! I would recommend this clinic to anybody who would prefer cheaper but professional treatments.

Melissa Sanders, Australia

After Silom Dental’s professional treatments I can honestly say that my smile is whiter, more aligned and beautiful. In Australia the prices would be very high compared to Silom Dental where the treatments are all very reasonable and affordable with the quality not lacking that of Australia’s! I would recommend this clinic to anybody who would prefer cheaper but professional treatments.

Erica Allen, Hawaii

Without a doubt the best clinic on the planet!!! Silom Dental’s team are the best professional team you could ever hope for. Specialized, considerate, gentle and careful. I've recommended the clinic to many friends who have thanked me for the overview. I came to Silom with a not so perfect set of teeth. They set me up with Dr. Parp for some gum issues, then worked on getting me to good dental health. I couldn't be a happier patient!!!!!! I love Silom’s team!!

David Davis, Sweden

Having to do my roots, Silom Dental was the first place I picked. I believe that Silom definitely has the best customer services because they don’t keep you waiting for too long. My teeth feel spotless and shiny as I walked out the door. I never regret coming here.

Mike Burnley

I bring my daughter here on a regular basis and Silom has never failed to please me. My daughter likes to talk about how clean her teeth are when we step out of the building. I clean my teeth here too. I’ve never had cavities thanks to the treatment I get here. Silom never lets me down.

Chelsea Michaels, UK

Although I have not needed any dental treatment beyond usual cleaning, I have always been impressed by the high standards of Silom Dental. The office staff is very supportive, warm, and friendly, and the atmosphere is very comfortable. All professional staff (dentists and hygienists) are very communicative, and the technology is very up to date. I’m actually looking forward to my dental visits!

Cheryl Hudson, Norway

Silom has never failed to make me smile, and smile big. My teeth get super clean thanks to the advanced tools used for enhancing teeth. My teeth feel squeaky clean and I am not afraid to smile. Silom is so far the best dental place I’ve ever been to.

Ann Titipat, Thailand

We like Silom Dental Building so much that we recommended it to everyone in our office. The staff are all Nice and gentle and remembers us each time. To add to that it is conveniently located in Silom.

Patrick Hugh, Switzerland

Whenever my friends are looking for a dental clinic, I would recommend Silom. This is because of the service and the costumer services and the up to date technology. The rooms are sanitized and clean and I can put all my trust on the dentists here. Silom is a great place to get your teeth clean with the highest quality.

Sam Knightwood, Switzerland

I had the misfortune of breaking my two front teeth back in December and, being new to the city, I turned to the internet to seek out a cosmetic dentist. It wasn't long before I was directed to Silom Dental Building.
From the very first visit, my pain and embarrassment were all memories of the past and I was back to a smile within hours. In the next 6 months the appointments led up to a smile better than I've ever had before. I could have simply fixed the front teeth and continued with life, but Dr. Parp and I had many discussions involving the state of my mouth. I am guilty of not seeing a dentist earlier to that for roughly 6 years. Let's just say there was work to be done!

Lily Clearwater, France

I went to get Crowns, Veneers, Filings, Cleanings and Root Canals. It was honestly better than I expected in terms of time and costs. The clinic was very easy to get to as it was situated in town where my hotel was. I could easily walk there, consult with the doctor for the day’s treatment, be guided to my dental unit and in no time walking out with a brighter smile with every treatment.

Gerard Ford, France

Silom Dental’s are unfailingly compassionate and observant to details and exceptionally good at whatever they might be doing for me. My veneer and crown on my two front teeth that they had been working on are remarkably beautiful! The cuts healed nicely without much pain and blended into my real set of teeth. Before any of these could happen, Silom Dental’s wonderful team worked hard at getting my gums ready and teeth whitened for this procedure to minimize any complications and to ensure that things would fit just right in the end, and indeed they did.

Kim Sungho, Korea

Silom’s staff are friendly and caring professionals. Dr. Parp is extremely knowledgeable, careful, and skilled in dentistry and patient care. Through Silom dental, I have had fillings, crowns and cleanings all done without problems or stress. My wife and 2 children have also come here to get their teeth done. I would recommend Silom Dental building because of their successful treatments, innovative, clean and comfortable facilities, clever and well -trained staff, and the part of the fact that they pay attention to detail from top to bottom.

Ginny Sanders, Scotland

Silom dental was recommended to me by a good friend of so I trusted her opinion. I was very impressed at my first visit with the attention to detail and professionalism of Silom Dental’s staff. They make use of the latest technology to enhance their services. I have had several crowns done and the results are excellent. I feel confident and safe that my dental needs are being taken care of. I highly recommend Silom dental.

Taylor Brians, Scotland

Dr. Mam is my second dentist. The first was Dr. James from a dental clinic in Australia. I've always been treated with the utmost professionalism by Dr. Mam and all members of her staff. Everyone is very welcoming and considerate. On my most recent visit I was given recommendations on further treatments I should consider in order to achieve the best set of teeth I could have. So far the outcome has been positive and long-lasting so I decided to give it a shot. I am looking forward to my next visit!

Elizabeth Taylor, UK

Silom dental has the mostgentle dentists out of all the clinics I have ever been to. They are also very patient and kind. As far as being systematic, they are beyond thorough! I have recommended the clinic to several of my colleagues, including my boss. The clinic takes good care of billing my insurance and I never have to question anything. They also follow up to make sure that I am scheduling appointments when I am supposed to.

Anabelle Livington, Germany

I found Silom dental on the internet and even then the reviews have been more than exceptional. It's the best dental experience I've had. I had a wisdom tooth pulled I didn't feel a thing. Also, all the hygienists and support people are particularly lovely and supportive. They make sure I don't feel a thing with my extreme sensitive teeth so I'd recommend them

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